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"Mystery in the Amazon - The Secret of Tatunca Nara"- In the late eighties, four travellers - journalists and adventurers - disappeared in mysterious circumstances in the jungle of Brazil. They were searching for the ancient city of a native white tribe. Their guide - a man calling himself Tatunca Nara - survived and claims to be the chief of this tribe. During the filming a dreadful suspicion emerges: What role did Tatunca Nara play in the disappearance? Channel: ARD/WDR, 59 min., Betacam SP Review: " What was shown in the ARD on Sunday evening seemed to be unbelievable: A thriller, written by reality..." (Die Welt) "TV as it should be: guarded but totally gripping" (Münchner Merkur)

"Gold Fever in the Amazon"- Gold Fever in the Amazon" Tribal lands of the Yanomami, in the Amazon rainforest, were recently decimated by illegal golddiggers. Risking their lives, the crew shot stirring pictures of the destruction of the Yanomami people in the North of Brazil. Channel: ZDF, Germany, 42 min., Betacam SP Review: "...the unique and dramatic pictures from the golddigger camps show the slow genocide of the native tribes in Brazil." - Badische Neueste Nachrichten

"By Pedal Boat to Brazil"- Alone, in a pedal boat, the successful adventures of a spectacular Atlantic crossing. Channel: ZDF, 43 min, 16 mm Review: "An exceptional documentary feature was shown on ZDF on Tuesday. As expected ‘By Pedal Boat To Brazil' unfolded into a gripping report" AZ Munich


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