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Our footage archives, consisting of thousands of scenes, are the product of our work over the last twenty five years. The themes of our productions cover the spheres of Adventure, Alpine sport, People, Foreign cultures, Indigenous people, Rainforest, Travel, Wildlife and Environment. If a particular motive is required, or additional information about archives is needed, we will be pleased to answer any questions. Mail us:

Have a look also to our photo library. Almost all photos are made during productions.

Takes from the years 1973 - 85 are on 16 mm - Film, all other shots are on Betacam SP, partly also on DV, Hi-8 and S-VHS.

On 16 mm Film


Mont-Blanc, Dolomites, alpine cross country skiing, Schiara group, Iron Ways, Scotoni, extreme alpinism, Engadin, kajaking, gorges of the Inn, Ardez gorge, Allgäu Alps, Edelweiss, Rädler ridge, grass climbing, Allgäu Alm, Cows, through waterfalls with kajak through waterfall, Partnach gorge


Annapurna (8040 m), Expedition, high camps, ice climbing, Kali Gandaki, avalanches, top of Annapurna (8040 meters, Sherpas, Kathmandu, Pokhara


Ethiopia - South Ethiopia, Crocodile, Hippopotamus, Omo-river, Lake Turkana, Natives: Bodi/Mursi/Karo/Bume, river rapids, vultures, Marabus, monkeys, Mursi dancing.

Yemen - Sanaa, Sada, crock dagger, chewing Quat, weapon market, mountain villages, coffee terraces, disguised women

On Betacam SP
South America

Venezuela - Caracas, Rio Ventuari, Panare Indians

Brazil - Manaus, Rio Negro, boat trips, jungle camps, jungle walking, snakes, Amazonas, trees, insects, animals, birds, water, clouds, rainforest, settlers, Caboclos, Nambikwara Indians, Yanomami Indians, gold diggers, camp of gold diggers, destruction from gold diggers.

Bolivia - Hans Ertl (German filmmaker in the 30's and 50's), Rainforest, Cattle farms.

Venezuela - Route of Humboldt and all stations and motives, Guacharo cave, Cumaná, Caracas, Avila, San Esteban, Llanos, San Fernando de Apure, Orinoco, Puerto Ayacucho, Rio Atabapo, Yavita, Rio Guaviare, land bridge of Yavita, San Carlos de Rio Negro, San Felipe, Casiquiare, Yanomami, sandbanks, aerial shots from Orinoco bifurcation and Casiquiare, Esmeralda, Cerro Duida, Yekuana, Mission of Salesians and and and...

Columbia - Route of Humboldt and all stations and motives, Cartagena, Spanish fortresses, slums, Galera Zamba, Rio Magdalena, Mompós, folkloric dance, Vallenato, Hacienda, Vaqueros, cattle farm, monkeys, rainforest, Bogotá city and slums, Cali, Puracé, Cordillera Central, Quindio Pass, Zona Cafetera, Guaduas folkloric dance, Honda etc.

Ecuador - Route of Humboldt and all stations and motives, Quito, Riobamba, Cotopaxi national park, Chimborazo, Pichincha, carrying of glacier ice with donkeys, Llamas, Alpacas, people, village markets etc.

Peru - Route of Humboldt and all stations and motives, north of Peru, Ayabaca, pilgrims, Huancabamba, Rio Marañon, Chachapoyas, Inca trails, pre incaic ruins, markets, Cajamarca, desert, at the pacific coast, Lima, El Carmen, black music party, etc.

Philippines - Pinatubo, Aetas, Cawak, Ati, Palawan, Batak, Agdas etc.

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