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"In North Yemen - Landscapes, City-scapes and Marketplaces"- An account of a journey into a wild, untamed land. Channel: ARD/BR, 45 min., 16 mm
"Hans Ertl - Bolivia, Jungle"- Bolivia, Jungle" The mountain climber and film pioneer opens his diary on his eventful life. In the 20's he was shooting with director Arnold Fanck and later with Leni Riefenstahl. Today he lives a simple life in the untouched Bolivian forests. Channel: ARD/BR, 58 min., 16 mm
"Capoeira - Struggle as a Dance - Dance as a Struggle"- Since the time of slavery, the dynamic mixture of music, dance and combat in Brazil has developed into a culture of its own. Channel: Deutsche Welle, TVE/Spain, TV Cultura/Brazil, 42 min., 16 mm

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