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IRIS FILM was founded in April 1994. It incorporates the Wolfgang Brög Film production company which was first founded in 1975. IRIS FILM has centered its production around travel and adventure, ecology and the environment.

The company's films have been transmitted throughout the world. Today, in a time of quick turnaround and low-budget productions, we still pursue and achieve them with high production standards. Over the last twenty years IRIS FILM has established an impressive track record. Our international contacts are built on experience, know-how and trust - both in production and marketing. Our primary focus is on self-initiated productions. We are a multilingual company, used to communicating in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese.

IRIS FILM also offers a range of services. We produce: Film, video and photography - both commissioned and coproduced. Corporate films - conception and realization. We provide: Worldwide marketing and location services. Comprehensive, topical film and photo library. Hiring arrangements for camera equipment. Studio for digital and analogue post-production,

All our films you can download from our server. Requests please by Mail. 


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